Welcome to Green Tree, a nationally recognized leader in residential loan servicing for more than thirty years. Green Tree is headquartered in St. Paul, MN, with over 3,000 employees in 29 locations nationwide.  Our loan servicing process is a model for the industry, and we specialize in developing relationships that work.

Your prior servicer will continue to provide service on your loan through the close of business on the day prior to the transfer date, when Green Tree will start servicing your loan.  The approximate timeline for the transfer process is as follows:

* Any loan payments received by your prior servicer will be forwarded to Green Tree.  Green Tree will post all loan payments as of the date of receipt on or about 15 days after the transfer date.

As a customer, you will gain access to tools to manage and monitor your loan account online, including: payment information; loan payoff requests; and insurance information.  You can count on Green Tree to provide you with responsive, attentive service throughout the life of your loan.  We look forward to serving you for many years to come.