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Q: What is GreenBill?
A: GreenBill is an electronic statement delivered as a secure email attachment.  It contains all of the data that appears on a paper billing statement, but is sent to you  electronically instead of through the US Post Office.

Q: How does GreenBill get delivered?
A: Your GreenBill appears as a PDF file that is sent to your email address as an attachment to your billing advice.  When you open your billing advice, you will be asked to confirm your identity in order to access the PDF file with your GreenBill information.

Q: What are the advantages of switching to GreenBill?
There are many advantages. You can better safeguard your financial information by converting to a secure digital file instead of paper. Less paper means less clutter on your desk and you can store or print a paper copy for future reference.

Q: How do I register to receive GreenBill?
A: You can register online at, or by contacting our customer service department.

Q: Is there a cost for using GreenBill?
A: GreenBill is FREE.

Q: If I get an online statement, can I still get paper statements?
A: Green Tree automatically provides paper statements to borrowers.  If you switch to GreenBill, you will no longer receive a paper statement. 

Q: Can I make a mortgage payment from GreenBill?
A: You can make an expedited payment through Western Union’s SpeedPay service.  A convenience fee may be charged for this service.

Q: Can I still pay my mortgage by mail if I receive a GreenBill?
A: You can still mail a check for your monthly payment, and with GreenBill there is no extra paperwork required.  Simply note your account number on the check, and send your payment to the address shown on your GreenBill statement.   Do not include a printed copy of your statement or coupon with your check, since that will only delay the processing of your payment. 

Q: What software is required to view my GreenBill statement?
A: You will need Adobe Reader to view your secure GreenBill attachment.  You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free by visiting their web site at

Q: Can Co-Borrowers view GreenBill?
A: Your GreenBill is shipped to the primary email address that you specify when you sign up for GreenBill service.  Copies of your statement are also available when you log in for secure access to

Q: What if I am unable to open the secure GreenBill PDF attachment?
A: If you have any problems viewing your GreenBill statement, contact customer service for assistance.

Q: How do I order a copy of a GreenBill that is no longer available online?
A: You can order copies of past statements online through our customer service center.

Do you have other questions that we did not cover here?  We would like to hear from you.  For more information, please visit our web site at  You can also call our Customer Service department toll-free at 800.643.0202 or mail your inquiry to us at Green Tree Customer Service, PO Box 6172, Rapid City, SD 57709-6172.

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